SO using this in my info literacy EVERYTHING this Fall.


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Fun reference question of the day: What did the second little pig build his house out of?

The answer is sticks. 

This is in adult reference.

My job makes me smile. 


From KQED’s Mindshift blog: Literature, Ethics, Physics: It’s All In Video Games At This Norwegian School

A group of Norwegian high school seniors sit in religious studies class, absorbed by a moral conundrum unfolding in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Their teacher, Tobias Staaby, is screening a scene from the critically acclaimed video game, The Walking Dead, which depicts a knotty ethical dilemma confronting the group of rag-tag survivors: Supplies are running low and only four food items are left to ration, but there are 10 hungry mouths to feed. Who should eat? The grumpy old guy? The injured teen? The children? The leader?

Once the class reaches a consensus, they have to justify their choice with one of the concepts they’ve learned from moral philosophy. Was their decision guided by situational ethics, utilitarianism or consequentialism? This is one instance of how commercial video games are used at Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary, a public high school located in the coastal city of Bergen in Norway.

I really enjoyed this book and I have to admit the trailer has me interested in the movie.

"Reading is not an option” was his platform as YA literature ambassador, and he once told School Library Journal, “As a young man, I saw families prosper without reading, because there were always sufficient opportunities for willing workers who could follow simple instructions. This is no longer the case. Children who don’t read are, in the main, destined for lesser lives. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to change this."

Yesterday, Google announced an updated version of Google Drive. This will now include more image icons for your files. You know, in a kind of Pinterest type layout. Since the introduction of Pinterest a lot of websites seem to be going for a similar layout (including library websites). While, I’m not sure how important Pinterest really is in and of itself (I like it, I pin recipes and library type things, but I also tend to forget about for weeks at a time) it seems to have had quite the impact on how people and organizations design their own sites.

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