John Green!! Totally raced to sign up for this like it was concert tickets.


Jane Goodall is one of my inspirations :)

"“[We’ll] be certainly much more cautious about punishing people for things they say off-campus outside of school time,” Schmidt said."

Teen, School Reach $70K Settlement Over Facebook Post « CBS Minnesota (via infoneer-pulse)

While someone should probably be teaching students that they shouldn’t out right say they hate superiors on social media (especially platforms that use real identities) - because yes, there can be real world repercussions to social media postings - students have a right to a life an opinion outside of school.  Also, requesting her passwords is absolutely unethical.

There’s something about these career goals that I relate to.  I would also probably add in a bit of time popping bubble wrap.

Anyone else upset that this isn’t in black and white?